1.) Who can I contact about damaged areas to parks?
The City of Memphis Parks office is located next to Tobey Park, at 2599 Avery Avenue, Memphis, TN, 38013 and should be contacted by email and/or phone number at (901) 636-4200 if there is damage, dumping, litter, or if a park has maintained a nuisance on property (Sec. 9-60-2).
2.) How do I rent or reserve a park facility such as a pavilion, ballfield, pool, or community center for an event?
Information such as pricing, location, dates available, and contact information for reservations is available through the selection of the park your party wants on the City of Memphis Parks website. Please note: reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance of the reservation date.
3.) Are motorized vehicles or party buses allowed in the park?
Motorized vehicles and party buses may not be operated, parked, or stopped in public parks and golf courses of the City of Memphis except on roadways and designated areas for parking. This does not apply to golf carts and vehicles authorized by the City of Memphis Parks (Sec. 12-84-13).
4.) Are scooters and skateboards allowed in the parks?
Vehicles such as bicycles, skateboards, and other manually-propelled or non-motorized wheeled vehicles are allowed on public grounds without a permit, so long as they do not obstruct pedestrian rights-of-way or traffic (Sec. 12-48-7).
5.) Do you need a permit for vending or sales?
Yes, you will need to register with the City of Memphis Supplier Registration to become a vendor on any of our properties or for events with City of Memphis.
6.) Are firearms allowed in the parks? 
Unless you are conducting official duties as a U.S. military employee or police officer, you shall be found guilty of a misdemeanor if you are carrying weapons in the parks. (Sec. 10-32-2) 
7.) Are glass containers and/or alcoholic beverage consumption allowed? 
Drinking or selling beverages with alcoholic content in public parks is unlawful and not allowed, unless previously authorized by the City of Memphis Parks so long as participants are of legal drinking age (Sec. 12-84-20). Littering of glass, dirt, paper, and other solid waste is prohibited on public park grounds and it shall be a misdemeanor for offenders who do so (Sec. 9-56-22). Visitors must always properly dispose of any waste brought to the parks. 
8.) Is smoking cigarettes/e-cigarettes allowed at the parks? 
Smoking is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED at the public parks within 50 ft of a playground, but any waste accumulated must be disposed of properly, as littering shall be a misdemeanor if committed.  
9.) Is there anything worth considering before using a park for an event? 
Not all parks have the same amenities and, therefore, may not contain the amenities you wish to utilize during your visit, event, or reservation. Before visiting or reserving, please visit City of Memphis Parks’ list of parks to view a full list of amenities available at each park. 
10.) Can you use the park to run a fitness class or do work-outs? 
Fitness or work-out events that are personal or free are permitted at the parks. It is encouraged to utilize the open space for health benefits. Otherwise, call 901-636-4200 to permit use of park greenspace. 
11.) Do I need to keep my dog on a leash at the dog parks? 
· No, dogs are not required to stay on the leash once in the dog park.  
12.) Are restrooms available at the parks? 
· Restrooms are only available at some of the parks. Please visit the City of Memphis Parks’ full list of parks to view each parks’ amenities.  
13.) Can you bring your own grill to the park and cook-out? 
· Yes, bringing personal grills is permitted so long as proper disposal of charcoal is observed. There are also grills available for public use at certain parks, with a park list and their amenities that can be found in the City of Memphis Parks website. 
14.) Which parks have bus routes near them? 
· To view Memphis public transportation routes, visit Memphis Area Transit Authority’s bus route maps and schedules section to locate bus routes near public parks. Addresses for public parks can be found on the City of Memphis Parks website. 
15.) Do the pavilions have electrical outlets? 
· The pavilions at the public parks do not have electrical outlets. 
16.) Which parks have water features or splash pads? 
· Park amenities can be found in the parks list on the website of City of Memphis Parks.  
17.) Can you play music at the parks? 
· Loud, disturbing, and unnecessary noises within city limits is prohibited (Sec. 9-68-1). If music is to be played, it must be kept to a level that does not disturb others. 
18.) Are park rangers on-site at the parks? 
· Park rangers are not on-site at public parks of the City of Memphis Parks.  
19.) Are moon bouncers or other inflatables allowed at parks? 
· Yes, these items are used at your own risk. 
20.) Is tent camping allowed at parks? 
· Pop-up sunshades or canopies providing protection from the elements are allowed for day use in parks.  They should have an unobstructed view from at least two sides of the tent.  Leaving tents or shelter in parks or shelters in parks overnight is not allowed.
21.) Can you bring tents to the parks? 
· Yes, tents should be no larger than 10X10 and weighed down with water and/or sandbags.  Due to underground sprinkler systems, use of stakes for securing tents are prohibited. 
22.) Is tent camping allowed at parks? 
· Pop-up sun shades or canopies providing protection from the elements are allowed for day use in parks.  They should have an unobstructed view from at least two sides of the tent.  Leaving tents or shelter in parks or shelters in parks overnight is not allowed. 
23.) Are petting zoos allowed at parks? 
· Pets are allowed in parks, but must be on a leash, crated or caged, or otherwise under physical restrictive control always. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up and disposing of all pet waste. 
24.) Is off-street parking available? 
· Off-street parking is available at certain parks. 
25.) Are the events at the parks free? 
· Yes, all events sponsored by the City of Memphis Parks are free and open to the public. 
26.) Is there an event schedule for the parks? 
· Yes, an event schedule can be accessed online.
27.) Can you bring floats, kayaks, boats, etc. to parks with a lake? 
· Unless otherwise posted on-site by City of Memphis Parks, lakes of any sort should not be used for recreation (Sec. 9-64-7). 
28.) Can you fish at parks with a lake? 
· Unless otherwise posted by the City of Memphis Parks, it is unlawful to fish in park waters (Sec. 12-84-9). 
29.) If you can fish, is it a catch-and-release or can visitors keep what they catch? 
· If fishing is allowed per City of Memphis Parks ordinances, it will be on a catch-and-release basis, meaning you must not keep the fish you catch (Sec. 12-84-9). 
30.) Do dogs need to stay on a leash? 
· Dogs are allowed at parks with proper leashes under six feet in length (Sec. 12-84-8). 
31.) Is WiFi available at the parks? 
The City of Memphis Parks does not provide WiFi at their parks.